The Inside Out Band features a very talented and dynamic female vocalist belting out those smoking hot vocals along side 4 talented musicians with strong lead and backup vocals. This band enjoys working together on stage and easily transmits that fun energy to the audience.

Together the INSIDE OUT Xtreme Variety Band has a light-hearted approach, is musically genuine & presents energy filled performance Every Time! The band has come together from across the country to make music together in the Twin Cities and beyond. From their Xtreme Variety menu, the group can fashion a theme for any event, fully entertaining a wide range of styles, tastes & musical favorites. The Inside Out Xtreme Variety Band will bring you to another time, to reminisce and relive that moment in music, then flash forward to the #1 hits of today. After a truly entertaining experience, at the end of the show, you will leave with musical memories of days gone, tapping your toes to that current hit you heard for the very first time.

You are invited to see for yourself: The Inside Out Band is a positive hit for many different types of venues and will take the crowd and "bring the fun from the Inside Out"!